Memorable Corporate Teambuilding Entertainment!

Murder at Maison Rouge! – 1820s – Pirates!

‘Tis mutiny in the Gulf of Mexico for Pirate Captain Jean Lafitte. Just as Lafitte thinks he will enjoy some peace and quiet in his Galveston hideout, Maison Rouge, his treacherous first mate is stirring up unrest amongst the crew. To make matters worse Lafitte's treasure chest of doubloons is missing and some crewmembers fear the treasure carries an ancient curse! Is someone on board a traitor, or worse, a spy from the American Navy? It's Broadsides and Boarders bringing your party a grand evening of piratical mystery entertainment!


Mollie Kathleen and the Last Chance SaloonWild West!           

Meet the characters of the Last Chance Saloon: notorious saloon owner Jack Ponzi; Scary Mary, the local dance hall floozy; Old Augustus, gold miner and town drunk; the nearly-infamous outlaw cowboy, Juan Bonito; and Prudence “Prune face” Carstairs, head of the local chapter of “Ladies for Decency”.  What secret binds this strange bunch of hombres & senoritas together? Your guests must solve this murder before the town folk close down the saloon and run the lot of you out of town!


Shocker at Spindletop – 1901 – Birthplace of Texas Oil! 

It's 1901 and Black Gold Fever strikes Texas as Spindletop gives birth to a new industry – OIL!  Eager to find similar rich deposits, investors are spending piles of cash throughout Texas in search of the next ‘big one’…but is everyone on the up-and-up?  Drawn from historic fact and fiction, Shocker at Spindletop is a teambuilding event that truly involves audience members in a race to solve clues and figure out "who dunnit".  Shocker at Spindletop brings the history of the petroleum industry in Texas to life! 


The Siren Star – 1912 – A Titanic Mystery!

The Titanic sails tomorrow on its maiden voyage, and the Duchesse de Choiseul requests the honor of your presence at La Petit Chateau de la Mer, for cocktails and dinner to honor the American suffragist Mrs. Margaret Brown (known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown) and Film Star Dorothy Gibson (wearing her fabulous jewels) as they depart for New York. But foul play is afoot as the fabled Siren Star disappears from its owner’s neck! Expect an elegant and unsinkable grand time! 


Midnight at Malone’s – 1920s – Gangsters & All That Jazz! 

Welcome to Bugsy Malone’s, where you’ll mix and mingle with Malone’s regulars: Happy, Bugsy's pal and bodyguard; Flossie, who likes the bathtub gin a bit too much; and man about town, Loch Ness. Bugsy will have his current girlfriend, Russian Silent Film star, Natasha Ogilovsky , on his arm.  The Twenties will be roaring, but Malone’s is not as carefree as it appears.  What shadowy secrets do this shady crowd share that may erupt in homicide?


The Black Rose Café – 1940s – Hollywood Confidential!

Sultry looks…threatening glances…a scream in the night…

A dark flower of corruption blooms in the moonlit shadows beyond the glittering lights and red carpets of Hollywood.  Meeting place for movie moguls, starlets, and detectives…all grasping for the connection that will make their careers blossom, and their dreams come true. But more than celluloid will end up on the cutting room floor before this evening is over!


Probable Claus - A Toy Drive Mystery for Holiday Fun! 

Toys for the kiddies…scheming executives…cops in Santa suits…what could possibly go wrong? A perfect way to celebrate the holidays with a toy drive party. But panic ensues when the toys go missing! Can Detective Claus save Christmas?  Guests become both suspects and deputies, working together to solve the mystery, find the toys and apprehend the larcenous Grinch – all before dessert is served! 

(All Collected Toys go to the Houston Fire Department’s Toys For Tots)




The Hard Hat JobPerfect for a Safety Themed Event!


Einstein = Murder+Comedy 2 

Giants of Science meet murder most foul!


Bone Cold Dead – Death Haunts the Dino Digs

19th Century Dinosaur Bone Hunters fierce competition leads to manslaughter!



Mistletoe Mayhem: Murder by Musical

A lovely evening of holiday musical cheer turns into a rollicking comedy murder mystery!



Memorable Corporate Teambuilding Entertainment!